Posture Correction

Undergo posture correction by visiting Dr. Kim Maycock of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gillette, WY.

The Perils of Poor Posture
Many of us can recall being scolded by our parents for slouching or hunching over constantly back when we were kids. At the time, you may have thought that their scolding's about posture were silly. As it turns out, there was real value to what they were saying.

The main issue with exhibiting poor posture is the effect that habit has on your joints, muscles, and soft tissues.

When you’re slouching, your weight is not distributed properly throughout your body. One of your hips may be carrying more weight than the other and that can lead to that part of your body deteriorating faster.

Aside from your hips, your neck and your lower back also become more prone to injuries if you constantly exhibit bad posture. Even if you can avoid those injuries, you may still find yourself struggling with chronic pain.

The unequal distribution of your weight can also put excessive pressure on your tendons and ligaments. Over time, those soft tissues may weaken. They may be more susceptible to tearing if you are involved in an accident of some kind.

Your range of motion will also likely be compromised if you don’t do something about your poor posture. That could get in the way of you pursuing certain hobbies in the future.

Avoid those issues by going to Dr. Maycock of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gillette, WY for posture correction.

The Benefits of Posture Correction
Posture correction is good for you mainly because of how it redistributes weight throughout your body. We mentioned earlier that certain parts of your body may have to bear more weight because of your poor posture. You can effectively reverse that with the help of posture correction.

How does a chiropractor do that? 
They will use spinal adjustments to line up your body better. Those adjustments can help with redistributing weight and preventing future injuries.

Posture correction goes beyond those spinal adjustments. During your session with the chiropractor, they will also give you advice regarding how you can position your body properly. Essentially, they can teach what kind of posture you need to exhibit to avoid the issues we discussed previously.

Your chiropractor can also recommend exercise tips so you can further improve the health of your joints, muscles, and soft tissues. Use those tips to come up with an exercise plan that makes sense for your physical capabilities.

Correcting your posture is important if you want to lead a healthier life. Call 307-682-4000 and book your posture correction appointment with Dr. Maycock of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gillette, WY.

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