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ENDFLAME is the starting point for the CHAOS CURE program.  "Don't guess when you can test!"

  The key to beginning your journey toward optimal health begins with knowing your Omega 3 index and Omega 3 ratio...we are taking it to the source, THE CELL.  Simply put, without your cells being surrounded and protected by Omega 3's, there is no true way to have essential nutrients/messengers enter or exit the cell.  That's it, you've got to have a cell membrane with lots of Omega 3's!!!  So, in the United States, Omega 3's are not standard fare on the menu---which means WE ALL ARE DEFICIENT.  It's easy and inexpensive to measure your Omega 3's with a blood spot test...figure out WHAT YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS ARE and begin supplementing to HEAL the body as a whole!

The "C" in CHAOS CURE stands for the complete blood count with differential. The Complete Blood Count with Differential will be analyzed using a 'functional' perspective rather than today's 'conventional reference ranges' which are designed to place 95% of people within the 'clinically' normal reference range. The problem with 95% of people being considered normal is that, in today's society obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, etc. are commonly found; therefore lab vbalues associated with those conditions become the 'normal'. A functional reference range will provide a closer look at lab values that are heading towards abnormal, and allow for early intervention...to control them before they can become a 'disease state'. Many early signs of disease states may be overlooked when comparing lab values to a conventional reference range rather than a functional range. Functional reference ranges are much more sensitive than conventional reference ranges. A functional assessment of lab values aims at disease prevention, not disease identification and/or control. This is the first of five categories in the CHAOS CURE plan.

The "H" in CHAOS CURE stands for hormone evaluation. Hormones are responsible for many body functions including: energy levels, mood, memory, sex drive, sleep, wrinkles, body weight, healthy hearts, joint health, and the immune system. Many chronic disease states are related to an underlying hormone imbalance. Hormone testing allows for early detection of existing and/or manifesting disease states. After receiving the results of the hormone tests, we will determine the appropriate steps toward hormone balance.

The "A" in CHAOS CURE stands for allergy testing and anatomy evaluation. 

Allergy testing is a precise method for finding out which allergens are causing your body to 'feel' and 'operate' at a sub-par level.   Once you know which substances you are allergic to, a treatment plan may be developed to help alleviate and eliminate your allergy symptoms, and more importantly to help your body heal.

Anatomically speaking, there is no substitute for a visual and palpatory examination which would include analyzing posture and gait.  

The 'O' in the CHAOS CURE formula stands for onco which means cancer...early detection through specific affordable lab testing. These tests can detect cancer in the body before any clinical signs and/or symptoms are present. How exciting is that??? And, why isn't every person in America taking these affordable tests yearly as a means of possible prevention and early detection?

And finally...'S' stands for "Specific Vitamin, Mineral, and Toxic Element Testing" AND for appropriate Supplements...accurate testing to detect deficiencies or excesses in vitamins, minerals, and metals in your body's tissues. Why do we take supplements if we don't need them? Why don't we take supplements if we do need them? Through specialized laboratory analysis, we are able to see 'inside' our cells. If deficiency is found, supplements will then be recommended, and further testing 2-3 months down the road will reveal the effectiveness of those supplements.

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