Dr. Kim Maycock, D.C.

Dr. Kim Maycock is a licensed chiropractor serving the city of Gillette, WY and surrounding areas and wants nothing more than to continue providing quality Chiropractic care to this wonderful community. She genuinely cares about every one of her patients and takes pride in treating the person, not just the symptom. She recognizes that each person is different; therefore all of her patients receive personalized care based on their specific needs.

Dr. Maycock is a Gillette native. She attended Life West Chiropractic College in the San Francisco Bay area. It was somewhere in the back of her mind that she remembered being ‘adjusted’ only once, after a fall from a trampoline when she was 17 and having instant, complete resolution of the pain, that she decided that chiropractic was the path for her. Dr. Maycock earned her doctorate of Chiropractic in 1996. She returned to Gillette after graduation to be close to family.

Dr. Maycock practices utilizing the following methods of adjustment: Diversified, Drop-table, Activator (Arthro-stim), Gonstead, and Flexion/Distraction. Dr. Maycock has also taken courses in CBP (Chiropractic Bio-Physics) and Kinesio-taping. She continues to go to multiple seminars to keep up to date with the latest Chiropractic techniques, advances and research to insure her patients get the best care available.

How are Dr. Maycock’s methods different than that of other chiropractors?

She takes a little different approach to treatment than most of the other chiropractors in the area. Not that her way is right or theirs is wrong, but as skills are developed, so are niches. She utilizes many soft tissue therapy techniques in the office. Many of you are reading this because someone told you that Dr. Maycock’s office does a lot of ‘muscle work’. The reason for soft tissue work is to prolong the positive effect of the adjustment and overall body function. In her opinion, if muscles are addressed first, alignment is more effective and prolonged. However, if you just want ‘adjustment only’, Dr. Maycock will accommodate.

Initial Visit and X-rays:

If a patient has had recent serious trauma, there is a need for x-rays and there are other circumstances that warrant x-rays. For that reason, we do order x-rays at nearby facilities. X-rays provide really good information when you are looking for a fracture or reduced disc space that could indicate a disc herniation in your spine. She will discuss the causes during the examination and decide together with you, if there is a good possibility that either has occurred. If not, there is little need for x-rays. Most of the injuries that we see on a day to day basis are spinal misalignments caused by spastic musculature, especially if the muscle is more spastic on one side than the other. This can cause the vertebrae in the spine to be pulled together more on the spastic side, thereby causing it to compress the exiting nerve root on the affected side. This will rarely appear clear cut on an x-ray and there are probably better uses for your hard-earned money.

How Dr. Maycock determines how many visits you will need:

This is probably the biggest difference in the way that she practices and the methods used by most other chiropractors. Dr. Maycock doesn’t determine how many visits you will need. You do. No two people are alike and therefore do not heal the same. A 17 year old athlete may only take one or two visits, while a 60 year old blue collar worker may take more. There is no way that any doctor can actually tell exactly how many visits it will take to heal you. This is the way our office does business. This is how we have carved our niche in our area without advertising. No easels, no up-front payment plans for 30 visits, no classes where you are required to bring your spouse, kids, and three neighbors. We provide an honest up-front service to the community and grow by referrals from happy patients rather than requirements of patients who have yet to see how good we are. We want your referrals after-the-fact because you are happy with your experience at our office. That said, we will always encourage you to consider chiropractic care a ‘preventive’ type of health care. Treat chiropractic like you do your dental work with check-ups quarterly. Patients who practice prevention are protecting their future healthcare costs. Proper alignment, along with careful lifting and working habits are the key to avoiding back injuries in the future!

In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Maycock also enjoys providing DOT CDL physical exams. 

Dr. Maycock has studied hard for the past few years to achieve her goal of being able to offer nutritional advice not only to help patients feel better but to thwart off disease potential.  Dr. Maycock takes great pride is knowing how to prevent age-related disease states and is the developer of the CHAOS Cure Program. Please visit the ‘CHAOS CURE’ tab for detailed information on this preventative healthcare breakthrough.

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