Neck Pain Treatments

When you are suffering from neck pain it can be very disruptive to your life. You need to get help. A chiropractor like Dr. Kim Maycock of Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gillette, WY can provide the relief that you need. 


Stress in your shoulders and neck can cause pain and stiffness which decreases your range of motion. The neck needs to be able to move forward and back as well as left to right. Once massage has relaxed the soft tissues in your neck, a chiropractic adjustment will be more effective in getting the vertebrae back into alignment. 

Myofascial release

The fascia is the tissue that surrounds muscles. When it gets tight, it limits movement and causes pain. Myofascial release is a deep form of massage that helps to break up knots and scar tissue that are causing pain and constrictions. 


Medicupping is an effective therapy used for neck pain when the cause of the neck pain is in the soft tissue. Five minutes of cupping is equivalent to a half hour of deep massage. If your neck muscles and tendons are stiff or if you have adhesions, this therapy can provide the pain relief you are looking for. 

Spinal adjustment

Spinal adjustments allow the chiropractor to find and realign vertebrae that have become misaligned. The misalignment causes stress to the soft tissues surrounding the spine and can also cause pain. The doctor will discuss what and where you may have issues with your back or neck and explain the type of adjustment that is best for you. 

Therapeutic exercise

Once your neck is feeling better, you will need exercises to keep it that way. The chiropractor will design a special exercise program of stretches and other exercises just for you. It will target the areas that need help. 

Posture analysis

Bad posture is a common cause of neck injuries. Having your posture analyzed by Dr. Maycock can get you a correct diagnosis if posture is an issue. The first step in your posture correction may be a spinal adjustment to get things back into alignment, followed by exercises to help keep your spine supported. Tips for changes in how you work may be part of your recovery. Ergonomic work habits can benefit your posture. 

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