Back Pain Treatments

Millions of people suffer from back pain, but it is not something you have to live with. Dr. Kim Maycock at the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gillette, WY offers a variety of treatments and therapies that can provide relief. Depending on where the pain is in the back and what is causing it, one or more of these treatment options can be used. Dr. Maycock believes that treating inflammation helps the adjustments to work more effectively and offers many ways to relax your muscles. 


Just suffering from back pain can be stressful and massage is very effective in lowering the tension level in your muscles. By getting your back muscles to release their tightness, the toxins pass out of your system and your whole body is more receptive to other treatments. Therapeutic massage also can release trigger points, which are tight knots of soft tissue. 


Medicupping uses a vacuum and cups to massage soft tissues. In five minutes you get the results of the 30-minute deep tissue massage. It works to break up scars and adhesions and effectively treat chronic pain. After treatment, anything applied to the skin will be absorbed deep into the tissue to maximize effectiveness. There is no discomfort and on the back, and large cups can be used to cover large areas of muscle pain. 

Chiropractic manipulation

Getting the spine back into alignment is an important step in your whole body's health as well as the relief of your back pain. The adjustment can be done by hand or be instrument-assisted. Your chiropractor will discuss the benefits of the different techniques with you and help you to choose the one that is right for you. 

Intersegmental traction

This treatment is done on a table where the spine is mobilized while rollers go up and down either side relaxing the muscles. It is a very relaxing treatment and effective in helping with recovery from an injury to the back. Blood flow and oxygen levels are increased in the discs. 

Electrical stimulation

In this therapy low levels of electric current are used to energize the muscles. Stimulated muscles contract. The contractions cause the muscle to get tired and relax, which relieves pain and muscle spasms. 

Ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy helps with healing soft tissue, muscle, and joint injuries at the cellular level. Sound waves help to decrease scar formation and accelerate healing. 

You can turn to Dr. Maycock at Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gillette, WY when you are ready to seek relief from back pain. Call our office to make an appointment at (307) 682-4000 or drop us a line through our website. 

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