If you suffer from inflammation in Gillette, WY, consult with Dr. Kim Maycock at the Chiropractic Wellness Center. Dr. Maycock takes a keen interest in inflammatory illnesses and attributes all inflammation to a cellular level.

What Is Inflammation?

In a healthy body, acute inflammation is part of your immune system's defense against germs and other outside irritants that are not healthy for the body. Inflammation may be from pathogens, damaged cells, or the effects of toxic compounds. The signs of severe inflammation include a general feeling of illness, fever, and exhaustion. If it is limited to a particular area of the body, then there might be swelling and redness.

Unfortunately, left unchecked, acute inflammation may ultimately result in chronic inflammatory disorders where the body's immune system begins to fight against its own cells mistakenly. These disorders include rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and diseases of the organs.

At a cellular level, there are four steps to inflammation

  • Receptor cells recognize a threat
  • Inflammatory pathways are initiated
  • Inflammatory markers are released
  • Inflammatory cells are recruited.

For these cells to work correctly, they have to be healthy.

What Is an Omega 3?

Omega 3 fatty acids are a vital group of polyunsaturated fatty acids necessary for many bodily functions, including optimal cell function. Most of us will have heard of eating fish at least once a week for heart health because it contains Omega 3s, but you also get them from some fruits and vegetables and plant oils, albeit a different kind. If you aren't receiving enough Omega 3s in your diet, you can take a dietary supplement. 

A key aspect of working towards optimal health is knowing your Omega 3 index and ratio. Your cells are surrounded by these fatty acids, protecting them and helping them function correctly.

Dr. Maycock at the Chiropractic Wellness Center serving Gillette, WY, advocates a Chaos Cure program for Endflame, i.e., putting out the inflammation at a cellular level.

Endflame – Chaos Cure

The chaos cure program is easy to follow. A blood test will be done to check your Omega 3 levels at your appointment. You will immediately start an Omega 3 supplement and Greens First powder program.

Many people worldwide are Omega 3 deficient. That is why Dr. Maycock recommends Omega 3 supplements and Green First powder lifelong to promote improved overall health and combat inflammation at a cellular level. This supplement program, in addition to necessary chiropractic care, will help to improve your overall quality of life and combat inflammation.

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Contact Dr. Maycock and her team at the Chiropractic Wellness Center serving Gillette, WY, on 307-682-4000 today to make an appointment and ask about inflammation.

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