Your muscle or spinal tension can build up to the point where you need professional intervention from a local chiropractor. At the Chiropractic Wellness Center, we provide several techniques and services to help alleviate pain or stress from your spine or muscles. If you live in Gillette, WY, and need Arthrostim, Dr. Kim Maycock can help.

What Is Arthrostim?

Your local chiropractor has a range of techniques they can use. Some choose to strictly work with their hands, while others may also use an instrument called an Arthrostim. This small handheld device can deliver fast low-force impulses to various points. The speed of the tool is effective in reducing your muscles from tensing up during a chiropractor adjustment. The movement is also very localized, so it won't directly affect another area or your table position.

How Does It Differ from Manual Adjustments?

When doing a manual adjustment, chiropractors only use their hands and twist your body in different directions. Arthrostim in Gillette, WY, are an option for patients who don’t want manual manipulation. While manual manipulation is safe when conducted by a professional, some patients may not want to be bent or twisted in different positions, and there are some situations in which more precision is helpful. As an alternative, Arthrostim can deliver a gentle adjustment with efficiency. If someone doesn't mind manual adjustments, this tool can also be used in cohesion with that and with other techniques. When you do a consultation with your chiropractor, they may recommend using the activator for your treatment depending on the type of problem you have and its location on your body.

What To Expect from Treatment?

When you visit Dr. Maycock at the Chiropractic Wellness Center, you'll lie down on the adjustment table as normal. She'll use the Arthrostim tool to target each vertebra separately as she works on each area that requires it. As mentioned, since it's not a manual adjustment, she won't twist and turn your body at this time. Depending on your treatment program, you may come back a few times a week for as long as four to six weeks. As your chiropractor monitors your progress, you'll know how often you should continue this treatment.

Let Dr. Maycock help you ease your muscle and spinal tension with a solid treatment program. When you visit the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Gillette, WY, you're taking steps to ease back and neck pain. Call our office at (307) 682-4000 for an appointment.

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