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Welcome!  I am Anna Marie Nebel, R.M.T. (Reiki Master/Teacher) as well as a daughter, sister, wife and stepmom. Over the decade I've progressed from being an avid Reiki patient, to a student, practitioner, then on to a Reiki Master Teacher. My Reiki journey began as spiritual energy manifested a noticeable improvement in symptoms and relief from Degenerative Disc Disease. After three invasive spinal surgeries, I spent an exhausting four years on prescription opioids. They never established a stabilizing effect on me - good or bad. Taking the prescribed dose gave me migraine headaches, brain fog and produced cognitive distortion. By contrast, too little dosage continued my daily, sharp pain threshold. I was caught in the medicinal loop. As a licensed CPhT, I fully understood the potential outcome. Does my truth sound familiar?

The Million Dollar Question - What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive technique for stress reduction which compliments Western therapies. It is widely known as a form of life-force energy. This relaxation approach promotes healing. If one's energy is low, we are more likely to get sick or feel depressed. If it is high, we feel healthy and happy. You will NOT find Reiki churches, communes, or collection baskets as Reiki is NOT a religion. Furthermore, it does not engage in rules, meetings or dress standards. I practice and teach Holy Fire II Usui Reiki, an energy therapy which originated from Japan in the early 1900's. It was then developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk. This treatment therapy was taught to me personally by my respective Reiki masters. I respectfully refer to these role model masters as sensei. My Reiki certification was established by extensive hours of traditional class participation. I utilize my skills and abilities by continual education. Internet sites cannot ideally duplicate the channeling energy of all three Reiki attunements. Based on numerous personal experiences, I've a firm testimony in the power of the body, heart, mind and spirit connection. Reiki serves you as a whole person. It works by activating the body's NATURAL healing response. Minimal touch is limited to your comfort level and offers a true, healing property. Reiki research shows a healing touch can reduce anxiety in people who have cancers. This is because the mind-body state is beneficial to alleviating symptoms. Initial responses from Reiki differ patient to patient. Some visualize soothing water washing over themselves as if cleansing away low energy. More commonly, you will experience an immediate warming sensation accompanied by reduced tension. This establishes a mind-body harmony. Remember, healing is an active choice to get to the root and rebalance a condition. Typically, this process promotes profound effects over a period of several sessions. Life happens. Subsequently it becomes customary to rebalance, on an as needed basis. I encourage you to utilize these skills of ancient healing... it's our privilege.

Leave Your Baggage At The Station

We all desire to be healthy and full of energy. Reiki can overcome years of obstacles or roadblocks so you can unfold a more fulfilling and enriched life -regardless of age, gender, occupation or lifestyle. Just like an onion, we peel back one layer at a time. Leave the past behind so that you may learn to reshape your life. This promotes your overall health and well-being. Reiki has a far-reaching impact on adults, children, and even pets! Animal Reiki practitioners help both the animal with owner to reset, rebalance and connect communication. My focus is the integration of complementary healing with traditional healthcare to provide well-being. Let Reiki compliment your next chiropractic session. Experience shows an easier adjustment with improved long-lasting results.

What I Do Best

Now that you know a few of the benefits, you may ask, "How can I help you?" My goal with every client is to get you out of both physical and emotional discomfort as quickly as possible. I'll work to correct and stabilize behavior symptoms, then provide you the necessary tools to maintain long-lasting results. I restore the energetic pathways throughout the body by use of chakra healing. Chakra is Sanskrit for "spinning wheel." When open they spin clockwise. The seven chakras are energy meridians primarily located along the spine. Whenever you block an experience, you block chakras. Release deep hurt, scars or memories and you free yourself up for healing and new growth. This process promotes energy cleansing and protection. I am a registered Reiki professional member in good standing with The International Association of Reiki Professionals; as well as The International Center for Reiki Training. A devoted practitioner should have the ability to rebalance bodily and cognitive systems. This works to prevent potential pain and long-term preventive therapy. I provide both individual Reiki sessions and teach certification courses. Additionally, by request I offer Young Living aromatherapy during your session. I've devoted time to the study of therapeutic essential oils. What goals do I intend to accomplish? Within the hour timeframe of each session, I will teach you spiritual, self-care practices by a peaceful process. With each new session we will identify your Reiki success. In all my work I promise to bring you into a positive, loving and calming energy. The goal is to bring Reiki into the mainstream of society. I sincerely believe Reiki prevents physical trauma on an emotional and mental level. Ancient healers knew the body as much more than we see it to be. In the words of Lisa Oz, Reiki Master, "The next wave of medical advances will be when we come to recognize the body as an Energetic System."

What You Can Do Best

Isn't it time for your Reiki Rejuvenation? I have the privilege of offering my services at the office of Chiropractic Wellness Center. My hours are complimentary to the Chiropractic Center. To begin we will get to know each other. Soon afterward I will address your needs and goals. Professional services should not be cost-prohibitive. My services are affordable: $60. per hour session. I seek quality satisfaction over quantity volume. Many of you already know Dr. Kim's trusted and highly reputable results. She and her proficient office manager, Megan, create proven solutions -not just a short-term fix. Refer a friend or loved one and feel the difference it makes in your relationships. Invest in your present; because your future is powerful!

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